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At Bihart we understand the importance of confidentiality and are committed to protecting our customers' privacy and value your trust in us. Our aim is that you should be able to recommend our services to friends and family alike with impunity. 

Bihart ensures that any information that is collected during your browsing of our website (which information is collected purely for the purpose of fulfilling your requirements) is kept confidential and is not conveyed to any third party without your prior express consent. 

We are not in the business of selling information and customer information is shared if at all only with our affiliates, group companies, or other third parties with whom we share close reciprocal relationships. As such these parties may have access to the information that you give us, but only for the purposes of fulfilling their contracts and always in accordance with the terms of privacy of the company.

It is to be expected that we, as a company may buy or sell stores, retail outlets, business units, subsidiaries etc. There will naturally be a transfer of information that we have collected about our customers and their preferences.

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