Bihar boasts of its mastery on ‘surface applique’ and ‘reverse applique’ or ‘Khatwa’ as is known locally. They originated to decorate walls, canopies and tents but have now found their way into garments, bed-spreads and even wall-art. 
Traditionally surface applique was a decorative art for Kali-temple ceilings in red and white colours by the Hindus of the region and reverse applique was practiced by the Muslim community to decorate shamianas.
This art can still be seen today on the back of cycle-rickshaws on the streets on Bihar denoting traditional and communal patterns.

Bihart has fine-crafted this delicate art of pattern making and created an array of garments, bags and home furnishing that is traditional in style and modern in design. Our artisans had a fun time creating these products for you. We hope you like them too!