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About Bihart

Art is too important not to share. – Romero Britto

Sumati, an aesthete, born in Patna, grew up in her family-owned in-house museum and was surrounded by antiques and artefacts. As she wandered across the globe the notion of luxury to her transformed into things that were beautifully crafted and made to last. Things that are invested with values and emotions.


Her return home had a purpose. It was to create a brand that reflects a slower pace and process: where things are made with detail, where tradition is more important than a trend and where luxury with a conscience is handcrafted.


We are Bihart. We weave a story in every garment-- impeccably crafted and deep-rooted.


We are silent, sharp and slow. Our designs embody the spirit of Bihar with uncompromising quality.

What inspired us

Two things inspired us to start Bihart. One, the perception of Bihar outside of the state and how we can trigger a change. And two, to create contemporary high-quality designs using age-old crafts which have never been explored outside their traditional methods and in the process bring some never-seen-before styles and designs that appeals to a larger market than the one existing.

Our ethics

Being a design and apparel brand in today's time is as challenging as is rewarding. People across India have become conscious of what they are consuming and demand a certain level of ethics from the brands they choose to love.

Consumers today have evolved beyond just cuts and colours. Things like 'slow fashion', 'upcycling', 'fair wages', 'handmade' and 'sustainable fashion' aren't just buzzwords anymore. It has become a conscious choice and we believe this maturity in thinking is here to stay.

India is one of the most ancient cultures still thriving. Our brand celebrates this legacy we carry. And how with time these age-old traditions have changed and carry a sense of time with them. Our weaving patterns, motifs, colours, and style, all carry the old and the new times with them! We are like a string of generations bundled into one!


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